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Opportunity for Everyone

Since 1891 the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has been at the forefront of the electrical industry and workers’ rights. We have a long history of bettering the lives of electricians across the country, but our history is just the beginning.


We are focused on a bright future that holds true to our long-established values. We have 775,000 active members and retirees in the US and Canada. IBEW members are organized into Local Unions. Leaders are democratically elected and members have a voice and say in their union. This means that every area can be a little different, but every local union works to give electricians a better future. 



all our members have employer-paid healthcare.
all our members have employer-paid retirement.

But the IBEW has many other benefits as well. Each of our members have a life insurance policy that covers them on and off the job. Through Union Plus ( our members have access to other incentives, discounts, and free programs. This includes everything from free credit counseling to discounts at major retailers.

The IBEW strives for a good work and home life, because life is more than just a good job. Our values run deep in the health, safety, and well-being of our members and their families.


  • Have you ever been promised a raise that didn’t come through when promised?

  • Have you ever felt wronged by your employer or supervisor?

  • Do you ever feel disrespected by your employer or supervisor?

If you have ever striven to address your issues or have a powerful voice in your workplace -- we can help with that.

Every IBEW member works under a written, enforceable contract. A contract that holds employers accountable. We can help you exercise your voice.

On the check

The IBEW sets the standard across the board and our members don’t have the kind of payroll deductions that you might be seeing elsewhere.

If you are “making” $40.00 an hour, but are paying your own healthcare and retirement out of pocket -- your take-home pay is much less.

Let's say healthcare costs alone equate to a $3-$4.00 an hour deduction from your wage.

For example:

$500.00 a month / 160 hours worked = $3.12 per hour deduction


Often, employer's decisions put higher profits ahead of workers’ health. High deductible plans can make it unaffordable for some employees to receive necessary care.

The IBEW made a different choice. It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive, but members have a say in their coverage and plans. IBEW elected representatives weigh options and members vote on how to fund our plans. We are also self-insured in many places and this allows for lower premiums and better coverage.

One main difference is that all our members and their families have healthcare -- and it doesn’t come out of our checks. IBEW members are also able to build a future coverage bank for up to 6 months -- this means that their healthcare will be uninterrupted if they can’t work. Our members have used this “bank” to maintain coverage for periods of time when they don’t wish to work, or can’t work due to injury or illness. This has been a great resource for those not wanting or able to work due to the COVID 19 pandemic.


Not only do we value work life, but your post-work life as well.

As an IBEW member, you will build no less than two employer-paid retirement plans: your local plan and the IBEW International Pension. If you decide to work in another area or work for another IBEW contractor, you will continue to have employer-paid contributions into those same plans.

This system allows our members to have a longstanding and flexible career. A career that provides a living wage and a healthy retirement. Let us help you plan your career.

Let's Work Together

Contact us today for a side-by-side comparison or with questions about IBEW 1253.

Ready to join? Start the membership application process now!

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